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The above energy cost calculator may not provide accurate results for all situations, such as for systems with a high static head. The results obtained are approximate only and may also depend on the type and specifications of the wet end and the motor used in a particular installation. Please get in touch if you require a more accurate calculation for a particular installation.

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Water pumps are typically run at full rated speed and power even when the demand is low. SwimDrive allows a flexible adjustment of the pump speed which can be set accordingly to the required usage. Energy savings made by reducing the pump speed withSwimDrive system can be determined using our interactive calculator given below:

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Energy savings

As the pump speed determines the water flow, the faster the pump runs, the faster the water travels. In centrifugal pumps such as those commonly applied in pool and spa systems, the water flow rate governs mainly the dynamic head of pressure that the pump has to overcome. Inside the centrifugal pump the rotating impeller comprises a set of vanes accelerating the water outwards from the center of rotation whilst creating pressure. Therefore, slowing down a pump motor not only slows down the impeller, but also reduces the pressure against which it has to work. This means that the effective power saving is proportional to the cube of the reduction in pump motor speed. This is commonly referred to as ‘Cube Law’ shown in the graph on the left. The graph on the right shows typical average measurements obtained from a SwimDrivesystem comprising a pump and the inverter.

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